To The Arches
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A little bit about us:

To The Arches are a duo made duo of Rusty & P5ymon, hailing from Bristol, UK, who previously worked together from 2004-2006 under the name Polyester Homicide. This new project takes a massive influence from the both the electro & shoegazing scene, Rusty's sometimes incoherent lyrics being more than a nod to his biggest influence, Elizabeth Fraser (Cocteau Twins).

A quick word from Rusty:
"TTA is a great montage of all the bands I've loved over the years, I still cannot play or understand the guitar as much as I can say the piano or the synth, as such it seems almost natural that I would want all of the sounds and music to be electronic, despite this I think the influences speak for themselves yet creating something that is unique to TTA, as for the words & lyrics I've always loved the possibility of disguising words in order to create a different meaning altogether to the listener, this is something that I've loved about Liz (Fraser, Cocteau Twins) & a lot of the shoegazing bands in the late 80s early 90s that layered songs to the point of obscuring its core meaning"

The band are currently writing and recording (in a homemade studio) with the intention of releasing EPs shortly. The band have also re-recorded the song 'Scent' in a completely stripped down format & are planning some other unusual remixes and cover versions to follow in the very near future.